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Saint Lucia 42nd Independence Jingle


We can, we will.
We are a resilient people
We can, we will.
Living in a resilient nation
We can, we will.
Saint Lucia!

We’re such a strong nation…we can, we will!
Lewwe support our neighbour…we can, we will!
Lewwe encourage our children…we can, we will!
Let us connect with each other…we can, we will!

Protect our people...we can, we will!
Let’s heal together… we can, we will!
Strengthen our country….we can, we will!
Secure our future…Saint Lucia we are one!

Saint Lucia….A Resilient Nation. We can, we will!

Performer | Ezra Augustin, Digicel Ambassador

Saint Lucia 42nd Independence Anniversary will be celebrated under the theme,

‘A Resilient Nation. We Can, we will!”

Stay connected for all the latest updates associated with the celebrations.

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