Science Month | Jan 9th

Pli Bel Vilaj | Jan 11th

Pli Bel Kaye Komesyal | Jan 11th

National Fast | Jan 14th

Nobel Laureate Week | Jan 14-27th

Morning Devotions | Jan 14-31st

Sunday Morning Praises | Jan 14-Feb 26th

National Awards of Excellence | Jan 15th

Launch of Schools Sports | Jan 18th

National Music Festival | Jan 21st

Exhibition "40 Years On" | Jan 23- Mar 31st

Saturday Morning Praise & Worship | Jan 26th

Laborie Primary School Independence Pageant | Sat. 26th January 2019

20 Meets 20 Mixer (Mentorship Programme)| Jan 31st 

Legacy Projects Announced | Jan 31st


Morning Devotions | Feb 1-22nd

Legacy Independence Calypso Show | Feb 2nd

Handover of Monument (Mindoo Phillip Park) | Feb 9th

Independence Dominoes Competition | Feb 9th

Mr Independence Pageant | Feb 9th

3rd Test Match | Feb 9-13th 

Morning Devotions | Feb 11th-22nd

Valentine's Showcase "Expressions of Love"  | Feb 12th

Renaming of Serenity Park | TBC

Corporate Fast | Feb 14th-21st

Prayer Trail | Feb 14th-22nd

Miss Independence Pageant | Feb 15th 

39th Annual Sports Awards | Feb 16

Strides of Unity | Feb 17th

Ecumenical Services | Feb 17th

FREEDOM - The Ultimate Independence Patriotic Cruise | Feb 17th

Ecumenical Service and Community Awards | February 20th

District Independence Rally (District I - Gros Islet Secondary School) | Feb 20th 

District Independence Rally (District II - Castries Comprehensive Auditorium) | Feb 20th 

District Independence Rally (District III -

Sacred Heart Church, Marchand)| Feb 20th 

District Independence Rally (District IV - 

Stanley Jon Odlum Memorial Secondary) | Feb 20th

District Independence Rally (District IV - 

Clendon Mason Memorial School Ground) | Feb 20th

District Independence Rally (District V - 

Clendon Mason Memorial School Ground) | Feb 20th

District Independence Rally (District VI - 

Lady of Assumption, Vieux Fort) | Feb 20th

District Independence Rally (District VII - 

Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Choiseul) | Feb 20th

District Independence Rally (District VIII - 

Lady of Assumption Catholic Church, Soufriere) | Feb 20th

Arrival of Clubs & Welcome Party | Feb 20th

Unveiling of Sculpture "All In" | Feb 21st

4 x 4 Excursion | Feb 21st

Independence Rally and Award of Excellence | Feb 21st

Best of Saint Lucia | Feb 21st

Creole Poetry Competition Launch | Feb 21st

The Saint Lucia Story | Feb 21st

Community Fun Walk | February 22nd 

Fisheries Boat Ride | February 22nd

Domino Competition | February 22nd

Independence Day Walk | Feb 22nd

Prime Minister's Official Address | Feb 22nd

Independence Road Relay | Feb 22nd

Military Parade | Feb 22nd

Independence Day Parade | Feb 22nd

Wolaylabar Cricket Match (Marchand) | Feb 22nd

Super MotoX | Feb 22nd

Independence Island Ride | Feb 22nd

Marchand Street Fair | Feb 23rd

Mud Warz 2- Caribbean 4x4 Invasion | Feb 23rd

Prime Minister's Ball | Feb 23rd

DASH Independence Colour Run | Feb 24th

Bikers Independence Round the Island | Feb 24th

Independence Drags | Feb 24th 

Park and Chill BBQ | Feb 24th

Early Childhood Independence Extravaganza | Feb 24th

Launch of "iRight - Mwén Bién Fét" | Feb 25th

Parliamentary Youth Debate | Feb 26th 

Saint Lucia History Part II | TBC 

Independence Sports & Games | TBC

City Walkers Tour | TBC

Community Know Your Island Quiz | TBC


Women's Lypso Show (Take Over Tent) | Mar 1st 

5th ODI Match | Mar 2nd

Road Relay | Mar 3rd

1st T20 Match | Mar 5th

International Women Day | Mar 8th

Track & Field Events (La Fargue) | Mar 10th

World Consumers Rights Day | Mar 15th

National Arts Festival | Mar 18-22nd

World Poetry Day | Mar 21st 

2019 Kweyol Poetry Writing Competition (UNESCO) | Mar 21st

World  Water Day | Mar 22nd


Good Deeds Day | Apr 7th

National Youth Debate | Apr 8th 

Ministry of Commerce Sa Nou Sent Lisi Creativity Showcase  | April 10-12th

Choiseul Talent Show | Apr 21st

Total Praise Gospel Concert | Apr 21st

World Book and Copyright Day | Apr 23rd

National Arts Festival | Apr 26-29th



Reading Month | May 1-31st

World Press Freedom Day /Launch of Reading Month  | May 3rd

Soleil Saint Lucia Jazz Festival | May 4-11th

Country & Western Dance | May 25th

Independence Sports Fun Day (Philip Marcellin) | May 26th


Soleil Saint Lucia Carnival | June/July (culminating July 12-16) 

Culinary Event Competition | Jun 7th

Public Service Week | June 7th 

Schools Calypso Competition | June 12th

Fisherman's Feast | June 29th


International Cooperatives Day | July 6th

Soleil Saint Lucia Carnival "Parade of the bands" | July 12-16th

Emancipation Panel Discussion | July 27th

Emancipation Exhibition Launch | July 31st

Homecoming | TBC


Pli Bel Vilaj (Judging) | TBC

Pli Bel Kaye Komesyal (Judging) | TBC


Emancipation Art Exhibition | Aug 1-17th 

Soleil Saint Lucia Mercury Fest | Aug 9-10th

Soleil Saint Lucia Roots & Soul Fest | Aug 23-25th

La Woz Festival | Aug 24-30th 



Soleil Saint Lucia Food & Rum | Sep 19-22nd



Soleil Saint Lucia Arts & Heritage Creole Festival | Oct 1-31st

World Food Day | Oct 16th

La Magwit | Oct 17th

Creole Festival/Jounen Kweyol | Oct 27


St. Cecelia's Day "Feast of Musicians" | Nov 22nd

Business Month | Nov 1-30th 

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) | Nov 24th


ARC Yacht Cruisers Flotilla | Dec 7th

Report on Community Legacy Projects | Dec 12th

Report on 20 Meets 20 Mixer (Mentorship Programme) | Dec 12th

Grand Finale Church Service (Micoud) | Dec 13th